Our Instructors

Jeff Mitchell
Jeff Mitchell

Mitchell is the lead Instructor and a 4th degree Black Belt at Elite Jiu Jitsu. He is the 2nd American Black Belt under famed 8X World Champion Robson Moura.

With 23+ years of experience, Jeff Mitchell has an excellent teaching style. Time after time, students describe him as an approachable but highly fluid and technical Jiu Jitsu instructor. His relaxed style and strict attention to detail is what draws students to his classes.

Adults and Children alike enjoy Jeff’s classes. He also offers private, one-on-one classes to help MMA & BJJ students take their game to the next Level. We are so proud to have Jeff Mitchell at Elite!

Zach Whitmore

2nd Degree Black Belt under Jeff Mitchell. With over 20+ years of experience on the mat in multiple disciplines of martial arts, Zach add his expertise to the group as well pushing the envelope of every ones abilities

Zach Whitmore
John Naples
John Naples

Jeff Mitchells’ First student to receive every child and adult belt from White to Black under this leadership and guidance. John is a pillar of the gym and the RMNU organization.

As one of Jeffs right hand men, John is leader above the rest. Alway eager to push you to your limits to make the best of yourself.

Shawn “Carnage” Carn

Shawn has a lifetime experience in Martial arts and grappling. Starting wrestling at the age of 6, being coached by his father to train at a high level of competition at young age. Shawn started Jiu-jitsu at the age of 25 and after 12 years was given the rank of Black belt by Jeff Mitchell.

As a trusted advisor to Professor Mitchell, Shawn travels with him to different gyms nationally and internationally to assist with teaching and promotions.


Cathy Perrotto-Moore

Jeff Mitchells’ First Female Black Belt and 2nd student to receive belt from White to Black under this leadership and guidance. Cathy leads the kids and NoGI Class as well as the Small Circle jiujitsu (Self Defense classes)

Dont let the smile fool you, Cathy is a force on the mat and well-respected among her peers.   We are Extremely proud to have Cathy with us. 

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Through years of rigorous attention to detail and student performance, Robson Moura has developed a number of innovative and cutting edge approaches proven to help students improve their conditioning and skills.