April 27, 2016


We have all met world class athletes from time to time, perhaps an Olympic medal winner, maybe even a Superbowl or other championship team member.  We marvel at their astonishing accomplishments and pinnacle performance when we watch them perform and dream of someday meeting them or maybe getting a  bit of advice to raise our own personal performance.

Now imagine learning from a Champion of such World Class stature that he has won THE World Championship of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu no less than 8 (Eight) times!  Additionally, his number 1 ranking in the World in his weight class in Shooto and his 6 Brazilian Championships top the list of his many other accomplishments and you have an athlete, competitor and teacher that few get to see in their life time.

Now further imagine training under this Champion in his first school in the United States!  This is the reality of Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Newark, Delaware.  We invite you to come by our school and experience for yourself with 2 free classes the unparalleled experience that training with a teacher of this level can provide.